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REVIT Architecture

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No Title Youtube Desciption and Files
001 History and Templates https://youtu.be/7-ZllkgYr9s
002 Revit Working Procedure https://youtu.be/I-FEJG_rr20
003 Grids https://youtu.be/PgR0e6DQpM0
004 Grids, Families and Types https://youtu.be/oJouEs4u8Ys
005 Walls https://youtu.be/A80WNLGLq30
006 Modify Commands https://youtu.be/h18hTJVVIV0
007 Modify Commands II https://youtu.be/XhzFwISC-tQ
008 Workplane, Openning & Profile Edit https://youtu.be/SFZM3b-zD9U
009 Doors, Windows and Components https://youtu.be/cIcLbAtnnh4
010 Column, Floor https://youtu.be/RXCGEsQmVGU
011 Roof https://youtu.be/D2f8zygsuUs
012 Roof II https://youtu.be/UR2CVaf5E1A
013 Curtain Systems https://youtu.be/FT5LGY-_gjQ
014 Ramps https://youtu.be/jTt8mZ_GqfE
015 Ramps & Stairs https://youtu.be/3u17B5UqS1w
016 Stairs Sketch Mode https://youtu.be/sTzGIU3paFM
017 Active Workplane and Text Object https://youtu.be/pJ0Fi8ntBr0