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No Title Youtube Desciption and Files
001 Welcome to MATLAB https://youtu.be/PpEhgUAByZw
002 Basic Things to Know https://youtu.be/xTji9F1vxi4
003 Basic Functions https://youtu.be/_umYq6PX6cw
004 fprintf com. and Our First Program https://youtu.be/YeUA-3rsYog
005 If https://youtu.be/o1YLMjYyAvk
006 For - Numerical Loop https://youtu.be/v0kwdjGs4_Q For
007 For Loop Trainings - Stars https://youtu.be/YRUvqp2FGIA Stars
008 For +If Trainings https://youtu.be/3gMFFsx5Jc4
009 For +If Trainings II https://youtu.be/Cgia4JrSWFo
010 While Loop - EQ Solving First Meth. https://youtu.be/bZFeziQ_6XA
011 Integral and Finite Eelements on Surfaces https://youtu.be/piCni7JBVAY
012 Newton Rafson and Split Methods https://youtu.be/G-a7pq-dI-w
013 Switch - Try Structures https://youtu.be/Xhzd8XC4lAQ
014 Matrixes https://youtu.be/aamY5bSs-8c
015 Matrixes - Khayam Triangle https://youtu.be/oIN_RJJ-W6I
016 Linear n equation solve with upper triangle Matrix Method https://youtu.be/nakmiIS8_jU
017 Gauss Seidel method https://youtu.be/wDBx5IYG5ek
018 Interpolation https://youtu.be/pN8Ds_uVJR4
019 Chord Method and LinSolve Function https://youtu.be/8J0otIzWoVM
020 Matrixes - Poly, LU, Tri, Uni, Det, Int https://youtu.be/RuZUErfhLv0
021 Polyfit, PolyVal, Conv, Deconv https://youtu.be/9mmIUMtEwKo
022 Function https://youtu.be/mNurWlf2T_w
023 Lagrange Method https://youtu.be/B4x5h87Pj7E
024 newton divided difference interpolation https://youtu.be/4aIiA9Z8ihw
025 Selection Sort Method https://youtu.be/e0-C0kvd-Yw
026 Insertion and Buble Sort Methods https://youtu.be/ISEMozIsNvU
027 Plot https://youtu.be/8-x1akz3vDE
028 Plot Properties and work with colors https://youtu.be/lUtjuoSAy2Q
029 Work with colors and Axis https://youtu.be/_k4v79QC8KU
030 Insertion and Merge Sort Method https://youtu.be/hiiGHaBmcHE
031 Line and Legend Commands https://youtu.be/GLI7oj4OheY
032 Fill Command https://youtu.be/R1TioqL1KLI
033 Area and Pie Charts https://youtu.be/wSMCIRQLM6o
034 YYAxis, Bar, Stairs and Hist Charts https://youtu.be/7onMQJWUV_U
035 Ants Algorithm I https://youtu.be/MP5WlY6fbkc
036 Ants Algorithm II https://youtu.be/c81cWxZzu0s
037 Stem, Polar, Scatter, Polar Histogram https://youtu.be/48NWoeJCOSk
038 Handle Functions and FPlot https://youtu.be/mcHfJoS5Brk
039 Mesh and 3D Plot Commands https://youtu.be/RA8T6FXGI2g
040 Contour, View https://youtu.be/JUpq7qhGqe8
041 Tempreture Balance Project with Gauss Seidel method https://youtu.be/2ivoJTZwZvY
042 Genetic Algorithm https://youtu.be/MkRhU7TRWos
043 Read and Write Data https://youtu.be/F6986mhr5mY
044 Genetic Algorithm - 8 Queens https://youtu.be/jxqMnLUNxxw