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Hello I am Hamed Maleki. Born in 1982, Iran. I used to teach for most of my life, as a freelance teacher in Engineering, Computer, Art & Web Developing Fields.
I have taught more than 18 years, about 70 fields in about 20 Institutes such as:

  • National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents
  • Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization
  • Aptech Learning Institute
  • Tehran Institute of Technology
  • Tabriz Technical Complex
  • Dr. Hedayati Computer Institute

In 2019 I left Iran and migrated to Turkey and began a new life as a freelancer. I have had many freelance projects before but now my main job and focus is freelancing, and I work as a professional full-time freelancer.

After finishing my classes I decided to convert all of teaching fields to free online videos and share them with others, somehow it may help young people to to find a good work and create a good and happy life in countries without suitable conditions for young people.
Now, Videos are in Persian Lnguage only, but soon, I will translate them to the languages of all Third world countries.
If you want tp help youngeters please help me translate my videos to more languages.

I always love helping people, volunteering in public works and ofcourse solving technical or other problems, and I Love to find new friends...
Please feel free to contact me.


Companies that help me keep my classes up and I always appreciate them for supporting me and my ideas.


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I live in Istanbul, Turkey
(UTC +3.00)
+90 55 24 62 26 27