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After Effects

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No Title Youtube Desciption and Files
001 History and WorkSpace https://youtu.be/6_blSdQOyhw
002 Basics https://youtu.be/lXiTY-wshfA
003 Mask and Some Simple Animations https://youtu.be/hxOklROuiK8
004 Effects and Presets 1 https://youtu.be/UMYkki6Hs10
005 Shapes Basics https://youtu.be/DoRjvj2NhKI
006 Trim Path https://youtu.be/k0EZA-C7Nu0
007 Big Pack https://youtu.be/kw7HiEJcq94
008 Some simple effects on texts https://youtu.be/jIFv2EOHZb0
009 Video Adjustments https://youtu.be/rR5UJ0ee7nE